Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A three-day party, 12 bands and a chance to break a guitar. What else could you want?

by Scott Recker

Through the recent years, a lot of us have seen quite a few good bands at the Ottawa Tavern — and the thing is, we've seen 99% of them for free. (I remember when Vandaveer and Sean Rowe played at the OT — it was free, when every other stop on the tour was a minimum of $15.) Sure, it's done wonders for their business, but, without a cover, the band's pay comes right out of the venue's pocket, not leaving much for any sort of new equipment. And as what often happens in this community, someone stepped in. Local musician and graphic designer Brandon Scott wanted to give back, so this weekend — Thursday, Friday and Saturday — he is throwing a fundraiser/birthday party. The target: replace that ancient sound system. The event: Adams Sattler's Three Day Birthday Bender — Brandon's OT Audio Fund Drive; three nights of music, drinking, raffles, donating, booths and whatever other shenanigans you can get yourself into. It's all free; just contribute what you can to help these guys keep kicking out the jams. (Also, enter the raffles — a lot of stuff has been donated — and you might even get to break a guitar on stage).

"I've lived in Toledo since summer of 2010, a short time compared to a majority of my friends and peers that share the thriving music and arts scene along with me," says Scott. "From day one there has never been a shortage of hands to help out one another to accomplish their goals. I've been inspired by people — Jerry Gray, Ryan Bunch, Maxwell Austin, and of course Adam Sattler — who all take it upon themselves to propel each other towards excellence in their endeavors. None of those people waited for an invitation to do the great things they're doing. They saw how they can make a difference, coordinated a considered plan and took action. I want to provide this community with something that it provided me: A comfortable place and a hand whenever I want to get something done."

Here's the line-up:

Hemline Theory
The Leles

DJ What The Bleep
Black Book Theory
DJ Abyss

Prize The Doubt
The Forrest
Room & Board

For descriptions of each band and more details, check out the event page:

Here are TCP's Adams Street Sessions from two of the bands:

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